Putting unique, creative spins on traditional sandwiches

About Us

10906083_1542212029366956_4277153865499780495_nHeadquartered in the best beer shop in North Carolina allows us to pair and cook with the best beer available in NC.  Why just drink your beer when you can eat it, too?

We are categorized as a deli, but why stick to labels?  We are known for our sandwiches and Waffle-Wiches but have been known to stray.  Our goal is to provide our guests with the freshest, highest quality products packaged in a way they may not have seen before.  We want you to have a memorable experience every time you walk through the door.  Our food gets people in the door while the vibe (and beer from next door) keeps you here.

We are dedicated to providing our guests with an incredible experience, regardless of dietary restrictions.  Please inform us of any allergies or restrictions and we will do our very best to meet your needs!  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your experience please let us know in person or email jeff@jamacenterprises.com.